Tamara Bates

Let's change the system together

I have been a Financial Advisor at UBS Financial Services and Raymond James. I obtained Series 7, 66 and insurance licenses as well as a Wealth Advisor Certification from UBS to give advice at the highest level and a Chartered Retirement Plans Specialist designation to help business owners set up corporate retirement plans. I have the pedigree and training that comes with working for the largest brokerage firms in the world and am grateful for the training I received.  I give advice to those who are looking for a multi-faceted and care centered approach.
As the daughter of two artists, one who went bankrupt and lost even his own creations, and one who was able to pass on her artistic legacy as well as her family’s wealth—these two examples underlie my practice and belief system in creating financial justice for all.
I hope you will join me in getting there.




"I've met and worked with a number of financial advisors and they all seemed to be working from the same playbook and pushing the same products. Working with Tamara is different. In addition to having excellent financial expertise, she is a wonderful listener, and she has a totally refreshing approach. I highly recommend her!"
-Stephanie Taxy, author, Good in a Room

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