I believe bringing artistic vision into the world is the central way we evolve our humanity.  I believe now is the time to expand how capitalism functions and supporting creatives with financial wisdom is a key mechanism for this transformation.

I also believe that these visionaries may not pay attention to creating a solid foundation for themselves financially.  Their own financial wellness is an afterthought to their work, they pay themselves last or not at all. As a result, the change they seek to create-- vital to our society-- is undermined.

I want to bring financial health to the artistic visionaries who are changing our world.   Access to capital and access to financial wisdom are severely lacking for artists, especially for artists of color.

Where I fit in- using my knowledge of fundraising for the arts and my training and practice as a financial advisor for the largest brokerage firms in the world, I seek to align creative visionaries with a way to access not only capital, but their understanding of it to best suit their purposes.

My clients are established artists of all genres, as well as creative directors, architects and anyone who seeks to imprint a new vision on the world.

I also serve cutting edge nonprofits committed to social change who are seeking new donors to create financial structures which will hold them well no matter what is happening in the greater economy.


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